Welcome to the icttoolkit space for Banyule Schools

This is a place where the Banule network can share ePlans, in house PD's and have a look at what ICT reosurces are being used across the network.

ePlanning Day Feedback Please take some time to complete this survey. It will help us to provide more tailored support to the network.

School eplans

Here are some eplans of schools in our network.

What are schools using?

(in terms of Interactive whiteboards, intranets etc) AND what are schools doing with elearning in terms of wikis blogs etc.
Follow this link of the diagnostic survey and check out the results here (to follow once all survey have been completed)

ICT Follow up

Navigated through the wiki? Heard or seen something you'd like to follow up? Then complete the survey at this link and watch out for upcoming training on the calendar below.

Running in house PD?

Check out the calendar below of inhouse PD run by schools in our network. To add items create an appointment in your outlook calendar (in edumail) and invite to the appointment. Your event will then appear in this calendar.

Maths resources