Learning and Teaching

What is Learning and Teaching?

Learning and Teaching refers to how the School supports teachers and students to manage and extend learning through ICT for improved learning outcomes.

Digital Pedagogy: a new way of working and learning with ICT to facilitate quality learning experiences for 21st Century learners.
Digital Pedagogy moves the focus from ICT tools and skills, to a way of working in the digital world . DETA (2008) "elearningfor smart classrooms", Smart Classrooms BYTES, August 2008 elearning.jpg

Curriculum Planning and Delivery:
• What new ways of learning and teaching are actually developed, where the use of ICT ensures added value, which makes a difference to students?
• Are there a variety of ICT tools and resources used to engage students in learning activities?
Student Personalisation:
• How is ICT contributing to personalising learning?
• Do students have opportunities to manage their own learning and contribute to creating content?
• Do students have opportunities to work together to collaborate, share, communicate and also have opportunities for independent work?

How Can I Get Started?

Try some of these sample strategies to get you thinking about what to put in your ePlan

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