Sample Actions
To move from the Foundation Phase to the Emergent Phase, why not try...
· Empower students to decide how to present their understandings in a unit
· Identify and demonstrate different ways for students to present work
Video, Audio, Music, Animation, Blog, Graphics

ePotential DVD
To move from the Emergent Phase to the Innovative Phase, why not try...
· Integrating webquests into unit plans which allow students to collaborate, research and problem solve using a variety of online resources
· Use iTunes or Podomatic to identify
To move from the Innovative Phase to the Transformative Phase, why not try...
· Allowing students to create audio/video podcasts to explain or reflect on their understandings, as an alternative to a written journal/essay (or to use as coaching tutorials for other students)
· Create an online database to keep track of student choices for ICT use to encourage diversity
Utilise discussion forums to encourage student voice and input into the negotiated curriculum

Audacity, Photostory, Podomatic

Wufoo, Zoho Creator
Sample form (feel free to copy)
To extend your school beyond the Transformative Phase, why not try...
· Personalising activities for individual students within a virtual learning environment (i.e. different activities appear for different students)

Wiki, Sharepoint, Moodle