Ultranet Request for Tender - Revised Scope
The Ultranet team have developed an overview of the recently relased Request for Tender.
Ultranet RFT Overview-v1 00 final-20081128.doc

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development – Victoria
For all school, central and regional staff
S427-2008 Release of the Ultranet Request for Tender
Main Points
· The Department released a selective Request for Tender (RFT) for the Ultranet last Friday.
· The RFT includes revised Specifications focused on the key Government priorities of teaching and learning management and a parent portal.
Actions Required
· If you receive an enquiry about the Ultranet project please redirect the query to the Ultranet Project Team: ultranet@edumail.vic.gov.au or Anthea Hastie on 9651 0263
Additional Information
· The Ultranet was announced in Labor’s Financial Statement 2006 as a $60.5 million TEI project for Victorian government schools.
· The Ultranet is a student centred electronic learning environment that supports high quality learning and teaching, connects students, teachers and parents and enables efficient knowledge transfer.
· The Ultranet will:
o Improve responsiveness to individual learning needs;
o Provide better information to parents, the school system and Government;
o Improve efficiency of the learning environment and school administration;
o Adopt an enterprise approach to intranet development; and
o Exploit previous ICT investments.
· The Department is confident that there is sufficient expertise and interest in the market to deliver the project within the original budget of $60.5 million TEI and by Quarter 3, 2010.
· An independent market sounding exercise has informed the decision to release the RFT to five software vendors through a selective tender process. The five vendors are Blackboard Australia Pty Ltd, Desire2Learn Incorporated, Microsoft Australia, Oracle, and RM Asia-Pacific.
· The market sounding exercise and selective tender process meet Victorian government probity requirements.

Jeff Rosewarne Darrell Fraser
Deputy Secretary Deputy Secretary
Office for Resources and Infrastructure Office for Government School Education

From the central office Ultranet team
Re-scoped Ultranet:
The re-scoped project will meet the commitment in the Victorian Schools Plan 2006 and is focused on the delivery of:

· A teaching and learning management system including functionality to support curriculum planning and delivery, assessment, student reporting, content management and administration;

· Portal functionality to give all users access to information stored within the system;

· Collaboration tools integrated into the teaching and learning component of the solution; and

· Management tools including timetable, attendance, monitoring, reporting and system administration.
It is important to note that key characteristics like security, usability, standards based technology and privacy have not been compromised in the re-scoping process.

New Request for Tender
The Request for Tender was released on Friday 14 November 2008 through a selective tender process and will close on 23 December 2008. The new Request for Tender has been simplified and has a focus on purchasing an off the shelf product that will deliver the key priorities of learning and teaching management and a parent portal.
Five companies are vying for the project, namely; Blackboard Australia Pty. Ltd, Desire2Learn Incorporated, Microsoft Australia, Oracle and RM Asia-Pacific.

Why eLearn - This section aims to provide research findings and qualified sentiments on the impact ICT has toward teaching and learning students

Linking it All Together


ePlanning - diagram demonstrates the relationship between school improvement and eplanning & the how the Ultranet fits into this - as described by the NMR Ultranet team.

Functions - This link provides the technical specifications given to the designers of the Ultranet.

Privacy - Documents schools have used to ensure they are able to publish their childrens photos and work online.