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Writing fun
Writing ideas for upper primary
Writing fun has examples of different text types eg, information report, procedure, recount, explanation, response, narrative, discussion, persuasive. The organisers can be downloaded as templates so students can use them for the type of writing they need to produce....
  • ICT for communicating
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening, viewing and responding
  • Presenting

Can be used in lots of way in the classroom such as ...The day I was born (research what happened that day and produce it as an information report).

Great reading resources and games. Some literacy support e.g. a vowel movie, most used words memory game etc. http://www.starfall.com/ Scholastic The world’s leading publisher and distributor of children’s books. http://www.scholastic.com

Big Ideas in Beginning Reading English Works! Reading Exercises English-Zone.Com - the BEST English-Learner's site on the 'Net! English General English sites compiled by sue lemmer Go to readwritethink.org-calendar-index.asp http--members.ozemail.com.au-~pledgerp-booklovers_literature.doc Instructional Strategies Online - Guided Reading Kids games, videos, stories, crafts, lesson plans - worlds of stuff for kids! Links - For Students Links - Teaching Ideas and Strategies Literature Circles - Student Roles Passage Picker Literature Circles Literature Learning Ladders MyRead Guide – Guided Reading Primary Literacy Resources Primary Resources English Puppets Unit Plan [English Online] Read, Click and Win with BookAdventure! Readers Circle Reading Comprehension Games Reading Rockets 103 Things to Do Before-During-After Reading Scholastic.com Stories From The Web - Stories
Literature Circles http://www.cdli.ca/CITE/lang_lit_circles.htm

Guided Reading

Grammar Practice Park Grammar Paragraphs eThemes eMINTS Grammar Interactive Writing Activities eThemes eMINTS Quia - Punctuate! Grammar Sentences eThemes eMINTS

Spelling website Words with letter pairs- Have you ever got stuck thinking about spelling words in 2 syllables, 3 syllables, 4 syllables etc? This website provides an enormous amount of blends from A to Z and everything in between. It’s great if you are stumped on needing a word. www.morewords.com

Spelling City

studying for your weekly spelling test has never been easier.
studying for your weekly spelling test has never been easier.
This is a great site that you may want to link to a teacher webpage, if you have one. You can easily put your spelling words on this site so your students can access them from a computer outside of school. It also is a good site to link from a teacher page and one to reccomend to parents who are looking to give their students some assistance in spelling.

BBC - Skillswise - Words - Spelling Words with letter pairs SpellBee organisation consent for participation Spelling it Right - Learn to spell confidently Words with letter pairs


Essay Map - Step by Step Help Constructing Essays

external image Picture+9.pngEssay Map is a handy tool from the folks at Read Write Think. Essay Map provides students with step by step guidance in the construction of an informational essay. Some of my students seem to struggle most with constructing an introduction and conclusion to their essays. Essay Map is particularly good for helping students visualize the steps needed to construct good introductory and conclusion paragraphs.

After students complete all of the steps in their Essay Map, they can print their essay outline. I have included a blank Essay Map outline in the image below.
external image Picture+10.png
Applications for Education
Essay Map is a convenient tool for anyone that teaches writing informational essays. Essay Map is probably too basic for most high school students, but it is definitely a good tool for middle school and elementary school students.

Center for Digital Storytelling
Free online materials could save schools billions - USATODAY.com
Main Page - FreeReading
Short Stories 10 Tips for Novice Creative Writers (Kennedy and Jerz)
Teaching Unit - Report writing in a unit of work on inventions
Write Away! Writing Checklist
Write On Reader - Forms of Writing - Paragraphs
BBC - Skillswise Words - Making sentences games
Writers' Window
Beaut Ideas - Targeting Text
Features Of Persuasive Writing
Graphic Organizer Makers
Harcourt School Publishers -- The Learning Site
KWL Chart - Grouping Objects graphic-organizer (1) - Reading and Language Arts - TeacherVision.com
Narrative Text Away with Words
Printable Graphic Organizers for Teachers, Grades K-12 - TeacherVision.com
The Purpose of a Sentence
Prompts with Pictures
Writing with Writers Home
Poetry as We See It
Myths and Legengs Story Creator

Figurative Language
Simile, metaphor, idioms, personification, extended metaphor, Required skills and knowledge - language features and techniques, Skills by mode: reading and writing, English Skills Year 9, NSW | Online Education Home Schooling Skwirk Australia

Magnetic Poetry
Make your own poems online by physically moving words.

Shocked Poetry

Story Center

General English Sites
A great range of links covering many Literacy areas.

Lil’ Fingers
Simple storybooks that look great on an IWB – Juniors. Make your own!

Speech Teach UK
Some good resources for the teacher including clipart + ideas for games