Sample Actions
To move from the Foundation Phase to the Emergent Phase, why not try...
· Access is equitable and readily available to a range of resources
· Be flexible and open to try new hardware and software but retain balance between experimenting and standard operating systems
· Buy quality hardware and replace equipment on a three to four year cycle. Ensure the ICT infrastructure is robust. Standardise ICT infrastructure and hardware and review technical support arrangements.

To move from the Emergent Phase to the Innovative Phase, why not try...
· Access to some online resources, including digital learning objects is available outside of the school
· Teachers are able to easily book and locate portable devices such as digital cameras, webcams, microphone headsets, projectors etc, perhaps using an online booking system.
· Students have access to digital cameras to take on an excursion to capture their reflections
· Students are able to take a portable voice recorder or camera and capture interviews with other students, teachers or community members for research.

Digital learning objects, Moodle, Wikis, Blogs


Digital cameras

Digital Voice recorders (eg iPod with microphone attachment)
Digital cameras

To move from the Innovative Phase to the Transformative Phase, why not try...
· Teachers and students have access to a portable voice recorder/digital camera with movie functionality to capture learning experiences eg. a speech from a guest speaker for future reference
· Students have access to their learning sequences online through a virtual learning environment
· Students have access to mobile technologies, eg. Wireless laptops, mobile phone technologies, portable operating devices, for learning experiences
Digital Voice recorders
Digital cameras

Moodle, Wikis, Blogs, Sharepoint
To extend your school beyond the Transformative Phase, why not try...
· Students, parents and teachers have anywhere, anytime access to their learning community online through a virtual learning environment

Moodle, Wikis, Blogs, Sharepoint