Sample Actions
To move from the Foundation Phase to the Emergent Phase, why not try...
  • Students use online mind-mapping, ranking, sequencing tools to visualise their thinking processes throughout a unit of work
  • Develop a skills matrix of ICT standards in line with VELS
  • Use the Victorian Education Channel site to create class blogs
  • Develop and implement a Internet Safe Use Policy

Online Thinking Tools (Intel)
Global Teacher Blog

To move from the Emergent Phase to the Innovative Phase, why not try...
  • Students communicate using a variety of online tools to conduct research and collaboratively explore new ideas and topics with their peers (local or overseas) and external experts
  • Web-based activities that encourage communication, collaboration and community will be integrated throughout the school, eg. instant messaging, video conferencing
  • Teachers will use the activities, Teacher Work Samples and Professional Learning Resources within the Key Areas of the ePotential Survey to improve teacher practice, in order to develop student capabilities.
Instant Messaging
Video/Voice Conferencing
Discussion Forums
Social Networking

To move from the Innovative Phase to the Transformative Phase, why not try...
  • Students create text-based content such as brochures, posters, powerpoint presentations and websites to demonstrate their understandings throughout a unit
  • Students create multimedia content such as animations, movies and podcasts to demonstrate their understandings throughout a unit
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Frontpage

Audacity, Podomatic,
Photostory, Kahootz

To extend your school beyond the Transformative Phase, why not try...
  • Involve students in projects across the state, country or even the world
  • Teachers and students create adaptive online content using tools that allow you to create content eg. SCORM