Sample Actions
To move from the Foundation Phase to the Emergent Phase, why not try...
· Students create ePortfolios (digital portfolios) to share and reflect on their work
· Use digital cameras to capture evidence of student learning outcomes for self-, peer- and teacher evaluation (eg. PE skills)
· Use audio recording to capture evidence of student learning for self-, peer- and teacher evaluation (eg. reading fluency, oral presentations)

Powerpoint, Photostory

Digital camera, webcam

Audacity, iPod with microphone attachment
To move from the Emergent Phase to the Innovative Phase, why not try...
· Students use online ePortfolios to share/reflect on their work, and receive feedback on their work from teachers, peers and the broader community
· Use online surveys to collate self-evaluations and peer-evaluations from students
· Give students written or audio feedback on their work and e-mail it back to them
Yacapaca, Wikis, Blogs,
Zoho Notebook

Survey Monkey, Wufoo, Zoho Creator, Sharepoint

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook
To move from the Innovative Phase to the Transformative Phase, why not try...
· Use existing online quizzes or create own quizzes that are automatically-graded to enable tracking of student learning formatively (assessment FOR learning)
· Use digital video, or sound recording tools to record/capture student reflections about their own learning.

On Demand Testing, Yacapaca, Class Marker, Moodle
Actions to move beyond the Transformative Phase
· Use a results database within a Virtual Learning Environment to collate data on student academic progress and allow parents to login and see their child's performance
· Use a VLE to communicate with parents and the community
Yacapaca, Moodle