Assessment and Reporting

What is Assessment and Reporting?

Assessment & Reporting refers to how the School uses ICT to strengthen assessment and repovels.jpgrting processes.

• How is ICT used to support as assessment for, as and of learning?

• How is ICT used to link curriculum planning, delivery and assessment and reporting?

• How is student’s work, stored and accessed, using ICT, for reflection, assessment and reporting purposes?

• How is ICT used to manage and communicate student information, assessment & reporting

How is ICT used to improve reporting to parents?

Sample Strategies

ePortfolios/Digital Portfolios

•How do students demonstrate active management of personalized learning and assessment? (egDigital Portfolios)

Learning With Digital Portfolios - Some of the latest research on digital portfolios. A great diagram on a Digitla Portfolio Framework to help you in investigating the types of digital portfolios against the levels of thinking that they promote.

ePortfolio powerpoint template
Some useable templates to get you started with ePortfolios.

Measuring student ICT skills

external image bbc.giffor 11-16 year olds. 3 projects (each containing modules, for students to attempt)- NMR Anesti

external image logo_teach_ict.gifThis site is dedicated to teaching ICT at all levels. Students will find revision notes to learn your ICT subject along with plenty of quizzes, competitions, polls to keep things interesting. Teachers will find starters and plenaries along with Schemes of Work ( SoW) , lesson ideas and tons of free material. Revision resources for every level are available.- NMR Anesti