What is a blog?

A blog, or weblog, is effectively an online digital journal. Watch this three minute video: 'Blogs in Plain English'.

How can I use a blog in my classroom?

  • Create a school/class blog to replace newsletters - keep parents informed and include images, audio, links etc
  • Post learning materials and resources online for your students to access from school or from home external image fun.gif
  • Host online discussions - readers can reply to any post on the blog and you can moderate all comments before they are published
  • Students upload their work with self-reflections to their blog and create an online digital portfolio, which allows feedback from peers, teachers, parents and the wider community
  • Get your students blogging 'in character' to demonstrate their understandings in any subject area
  • Share your resources online with other teachers - create a team blog to assist you in planning units

Where can I see some examples?

How can I get started?

external image Global-Teacher.gif
Global Teacher is a blog community created for Victorian government schools, and is a clone of Edublogs.

Tumblr. This “micro-blogging” site is a great place for students to easily post a whole lot of their work. Students can have individual or group “Tumblrs.” A student can also share their password with a small number of students who can leave comments.

Check out Utterli ........
Utterli lets you share text, pics, video and audio with your friends, even from your mobile phone. You can set up Utterli so it automatically cross-posts to your blog.
Heather Bailie from MPSC has written about using Utterli here