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Comic Tools

Create your own comic strips or cartoons using imported media or available images. Some require the ability to sketch for some of these, and these are generally shorter pieces, and were much more of a challenge to fit a story into.

In most other cases users can select backgrounds, characters and import their own images in order to tell a DIGITAL STORY.

Read, Write, Think – has a number of comic based activities and has an article discussing the benefits of the comic form (if you haven’t explored Read Write Think yet this is an amazing resource)
Eek! Comics in the Classroom! – an article from Education World
Comics in the classroom: 100 Tips, Tools and Resources for Teachers – a very useful blog post
Cartoons and Comic Life- a blog post containing video interviews with teachers about how they are using comics effectively (and Comic Life) at secondary level.

23. gnomz

http://en.gnomz.com/ This is a fairly low level tool that will not create any visual masterpieces, but there is an interesting challenge in trying to compose with a limited tool set. It creates those pixel flat icon like figures. You create a cartoon avatar, and you pull from a library of others, and enter their speech or thought bubbles, as well as select backgrounds. The site is a bit challenging to figure out since it is in French, but click the flag in the top right to toggle the site to English.

24. ComicsSketch

http://www.mainada.net/comics/ A tool for people who can actually draw! Create all content via pen and color tools.

25. Toondoo

http://www.toondo.com Create your own 1, 2, or 3 panel cartoons using a library of cartoons, text bubbles. Images can be uploaded and manipulated with simple tools. Created "doos" can be combined into "ToonBooks", embedded in blogs, etc. A lot of versatility.

26. Kerpoof

http://www.kerpoof.com/ A fun to use cartoon tools with stock shapes and character bubbles. No import of media, no audio, no ability to create links or embed code.
  • Dominoe (screen shots loaded into a flickr set, only way to get content out!)

27. Bubblr

http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr/ Pick flickr photos by tag or user name and put on a timeline, overlay bubbles with text.

28. Comiqs

http://comiqs.com/ Turn photos, "doodles", and text into a multipane comic strip. Import photos from flickr or upload from desktop. Add bubbles, text.

29. PikiStrips

http://www.comeeko.com/ Make comic strips from your own photos using standard sets of frames. Apply PhotoShop like effects to images. Add speech bubbles and other "goodies" (not that 90% of the gallery seem to be dating oriented??)