Online applications

What are online applications?

The use of computer applications in schools is an ever increasing chase of site licencing, software compatability and software maintenance. Online applications provide a way of accessing some of the software schools would used as well as store and share with friends and family.

How can I use this at my school?
  • Create a survey/poll or assessment rubric. Either direct people to the survey online or email the link to staff or students. Let Zoho and survey monkey collate and compile results for you.
  • Don't have access to your files and documents at home? Upload them to either Microsoft (spaces or Liveoffice) OR Google docs and access them from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Students can work on collaborative projects outside of the classroom.
  • Share your classroom presentations and lessons by making them available online 24/7
  • Use the screen capture tools to create a 'how to' video on using a computer program or go through and do a live annotation of a writing piece or assessment task.

What are some tools? (yes, that IS a valid website name!)
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This cool free service make it easy for you to share (up to 20mb in size!):
  • Documents: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, wpd, odt, ods, odp
  • Images: png, jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, eps, ai
  • Text: txt, rtf, csv
All you do is visit the site, browse to the file you want to share, authenticate using an existing Google, AOL or OpenID account, wait a few seconds, and PRESTO! You have code you can drop into a blog or wiki that will render your document with amazing accuracy and an intuitive user interface.

external image zoho.GIF Zoho provides a set of computer applications entirely online. There are productivity and collaboration applications such as: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, surveys, note-taking, wikis, project management, invoicing and other applications. Being web-native, all Zoho applications can be accessed through ANY web browser

external image descargas-authorstream.pngMake Presentations available online. Authorstream (like a YouTube for powerPoint) allows you to upload Powerpoint presenations and share them with others. Unlike Slideshare, this site keeps the transitions of your project

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Sliderocket - SlideRocket lets you quickly make stunning presentations, manage a library of related slides and assets, share them securely with colleagues, and measure how they're used. A great tool to create presentations online, access them from any computer in the world and share them with the world. Who needs powerpoint!!!

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Google docs is a space were people can create and upload word,excell and powerpoint files. From there, people can either use that site to store their documents and therefore access them from any computer OR people can invite others to work on a file together. is the google applications available for educators. A great way to get started with an online environment for free.

There are other ways to collect responses from students quickly and efficiently and provide them with rapid feedback. I ran across a video in which Google Docs is used to do just that.
While it can’t quite match the immediacy of interactive response systems, as shown in this video, Google Docs allows teachers to gather information similar to that which they might collect using interactive response systems. Thanks to the creator - this is a great step-by-step tutorial.

In some ways, however, this approach has advantages over interactive response systems. While it assumes that students will have access to a computer (whether 1:1, in a lab, or at home), teachers can save and use the data. It’s far easier to turn these into a test/quiz than it is with the clickers, which are more designed to immediately gauge audience participation and understanding.
As one Googler, Leon Kotlyar, noted when we discussed this video,

Teachers can use this to create quizzes and send them out to students. Because the information is stored in a document, they can do a number of things from here - keep it saved online, share it with other teachers, or share it with students so that students can review answers from their peers (for a prep test, for example).

Microsoft's online workspace.
Similar, but more functionality than google docs.
Keep files in sync across your computers. Share files with friends. Access your files from any computer.

Together with SPACES, students and teachers have up to 35GB of online space
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Online programs to convert and download videos to any format OR Multimedia Conversion OR Zamzar.
Seem to convert just about anything to anything in the way of media files. Also has the "type in the URL" option for YouTube videos and the like, and spits out a downloadable version.-

Screen Capture

external image jing-logo.gif TechSmith’s Jing Project explores the concept of improving digital conversations, while they happen, with video and screen captures. This lightweight solution is the first TechSmith offering to run on both the Windows and Mac platforms. Learn more at Submitted Anesti NMR

external image officelabs_commclips.jpgCommunity clips is a portal for sharing 'how to screen videos'. Download the community clips recorder and start recording your voice together with your screen.