Welcome to the icttoolkit space for Darebin Schools

This is a place where the Darebin network can share ePlans, in house PD's and share ICT resources across the network.


Principals: Log onto the Network Principal's wiki by clicking the link above.

School eplans

Here are some eplans of schools in our network.
Baltara School
Bell Primary School
Burbank Primary School
Croxton Special School
Distance Education Centre
Fairfield Primary School
Keon Park Primary School
Kingsbury Primary School
Lakeside Secondary College
Merrilands College
Northcote High School
Northcote Primary School
Northern School for Autism
Penders Grove Primary School
Preston East Primary School
Preston Girls Secondary College
Preston North East Primary School
Preston Primary School
Preston South Primary School
Preston West Primary School
Reservoir District Secondary College
Reservoir East Primary School
Reservoir Primary School
Reservoir West Primary School

Ruthven Primary School
Thornbury High School
Thornbury Primary School
Victorian School of Languages
Wales Street Primary School
Westgath Primary School

What are schools using?

Looking at integrating ICT into the curriculum? Perhaps another school is doing the same thing...(in terms of Interactive whiteboards, intranets etc) AND what are schools doing with elearning in terms of wikis blogs etc.
Follow this link of the diagnostic survey and check out the results here (to follow once all survey have been completed)

ICT Follow up

Navigated through the wiki? Heard or seen something you'd like to follow up? Then complete the survey at this link and watch out for upcoming training on the calendar below.

Running in house PD?

Check out the calendar below of inhouse PD run by schools in our network. To add items create an appointment in your outlook calendar (in edumail) and invite darebin.network@gmail.com to the appointment. Your event will then appear in this calendar.

external image logo.gifePotential

The ePotenial survey is a means in which individual teachers and schools can gather data on their ICT capabilites. It is also a source of feedback for staff and an opportunity for self reflection in terms of teacher ICT use. ePotential is also a great learning resource in supporting teachers with thier use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning.

Click here to go to the ePotential website

Planning Tool

The planning tool in ePotential supports you to use the continuum resources to help you in setting goals. Click on the following link to get a 'how to' on using the planning tool in the ePotential resource.

external image innov_logo_272w_87h.jpgICT Showcase

The ePotentail website also contains a link to the ICT showcase with an extensive range of examples of good practice that is happenning in classrooms.

Click here to go to the ICT showcase


In getting ready for the Ultranet, schools within the Northern Metropolitan Region are developing plans to inform how ICT will be used within their school. These plans are called e-learning plans. You can click on the link below to find out more about e-learning.

Click here to go to the ePlanning resource page
e-Learning website

The Ultranet

Click here to get more information on the Ultranet.

The Powerpoint presetation below has been created by the Northern Metroploitan Ultranet team as a way of trying to link all the different components related to the deployment of the Ultranet. It is also used as a means of understanding what is involved in schools getting ready for the deployment of the Ultranet.

external image vnd.ms-powerpoint.png Linking it all together - 03.ppt

external image plant.gif

ICT Resources

Looking for some resources to support you in integrating ICT into your classrooms and planning? Looking for what is available to help you in catering for teaching 21st century skills? If you have any ideas, links or resources that you find helpful, feel free to add them to this page.

Click here to go to the Resources page

Achievement Improvement Zones Resources

Below are some resources to support you in your work with AIZ. If you have any resources, why don't you share them by putting them up on the wiki!

external image logo.jpg
This wiki is a community space for teachers and schools as well as regional staff involved in the AIZ . It will include updates, resources, key information and other relevant material to support our work.

external image on_demand_testing.gif
The On Demand Testing Program has been developed to enable teachers to assess student achievement through access to tests prepared by the VCAA. This program is available for students in Years 2-10.

For more information and to register your school's interest in On Demand Testing click here